This is the online demo for SpineNet version 2. Upload zipped DICOM lumbar T2-weighted sagittal scans and the software will automatically analyse them and produce radiological gradings. Please view here for more information on the supplied gradings. Typically the entire process takes a few seconds, although this could be slower in cases of low upload speed. Once this is done, you will be redirected to a page containing the results. If you use data from this demo in your research please cite these publications. To batch process a large cohort of scans, contact us.

Some example results can be viewed here:

The ZIP file should:

  • be less than 20MB.
  • not contain any folders.
  • only contain raw DICOM files of a lumbar T2-weighted sagittal scan.
  • only contain scan of one individual from a single session (one DICOM series). Scans taken at another time (e.g. in a longitudinal/prospective study) should be submitted as a separate ZIP.
  • Detailed instructions of making the ZIP file from OsiriX can be found here.

Disclaimer: This is not a diagnostics tool nor a medical device and should only be used for research. We do not store the data after processing. Please keep the name of the ZIP file you submit and the corresponding reference number.